UK Bushcraft & Survival

UK Bushcraft weekend-£180pp ran on demand
This two day course will answer all your survival and UK Bushcraft questions. Led by an experienced outdoorsman. Your sure to learn something new. The course will cover all or some of the following:

- A range of ignition sources
- A range of natural tinder
- Build and light a fire
- Maintain and dismantle fire
- A range of suitable woods
- Preparation of tinder bundle
- Component parts of the bow drill set
- Create flame using bow drill ignite kindling

- Dangers of folding knives
- Correct passing of knifes
- Use of knife and baton for splitting and cross cutting
- Safe cutting practical e.g. pointing, producing a feather stick
- Recognise sources of water
- Recognise water indicators
- Dig an Indian well
- Filter water
- Purify water

- The need for shelter
- Correct sighting of shelter
- Show regard to safety issues
- Construct a simply one or two man debris shelter.
- Clear away shelter leaving no trace

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Arctic survival course

So your interested in Survival and UK Bushcraft but have mastered your local woods and are looking for the next challenge? Look no further our Arctic survival courses cover just about everything to do with surviving in cold regions. This course is based in Sweden and runs in the winter to give you a true arctic experience